Water-based coatings include: water-based ink, water-based printing paste, water-based paint, and so on, commonly used water-based paint red pigments have the following:

1.Permanent Red F4R (Pigment Red 8) :  high tinting strength, bright color, good dispersibility , mainly used in water-based printing paste.

2.Fast Scarlet BBN (Pigment Red 48:1) :High tinting strength, good dispersibility; mainly used for water-based ink, solvent ink and plastic coloring.

3.Lithol Scarlet R (Pigment Red 49:1) : mainly used for water-based ink

4.Red Lake C (Pigment Red 53:1): High tinting strength, high gloss, easy dispersion, low viscosity; mainly used for water-based ink, solvent ink, plastic coloring

5.Lithol Rubin 4B (Pigment Red 57:1) : High gloss, easy dispersion, high tinting strength, good flocculation resistance, light fastness grade 4-5, mainly used in water-based ink, solvent ink, offset ink, plastic, etc.