1. Ketone Resin Series I. Product Overview Ketone Resin is a neutral, non-saponifiable cyclohexanone-formaldehyde resin with high brightness and light resistance. Mainly used in solvent-based ink, paint, general color paste, adhesives and other systems, used to improve the gloss, adhesion, fast drying, leveling, fullness, wettability, hardness, toughness, solid content and other properties of the product.


2. Used in nitrolacquer, the solid content, gloss, fullness and adhesion of the system can be improved. It is suggested to use about 5% in the whole system.


3. It can be used for mechanical finish, primer and repair paint, hammer finish, automobile varnish, automobile repair paint, motorcycle paint, bicycle paint, etc. It can improve the coatings'fullness, hardness and impact resistance. It is suggested to use about 5% in the whole system.


4. Used in paper coatings of nitrocellulose or acetyl cellulose. It can improve its fast drying, whitening and luster, and has excellent flexibility. At the same time, it can improve its wear resistance and brush resistance, and can obtain high elastic surface. It is suggested to use about 5% in the whole system.


5. The main characteristics of formaldehyde resin A81 are high adhesion and low softening point. It is very suitable for special coatings such as metal paints and plastic paints which require high adhesion. It is recommended that 5% - 15% be used in the whole system.


6. Used in general high temperature resistant metal paint, baking paint and other high temperature resistant paint systems, it does not produce odor or bleaching resin, can accelerate the initial physical drying process, used to improve the dryness of paint. It is suggested to use about 5% in the whole system.


7. Used in alkyd resin paint to improve gloss, adhesion and weatherability. It is recommended to use 3%-8% in the whole system.


8. Used in chlorinated rubber paint and vinyl chloride copolymer paint, it can reduce viscosity, improve adhesion, reduce film holes, increase gloss, etc. It is recommended to replace 3% - 10% of base material.


9. Used in polyurethane and other systems, the adhesion, water resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance of the system can be improved. It is recommended that 4%-8% be used in the whole system.