Polyamide resin is a polycondensation type polymer compound with a CONH structure in its molecule, which is usually obtained by polycondensation of dibasic acid and diamine. The most prominent advantage of polyamide resin is that the range of softening point is extremely narrow. Unlike other thermoplastic resins, there is a gradual curing or softening process, which causes rapid curing when the temperature is slightly lower than the melting point. Polyamide resin has good chemical resistance, can resist acid and alkali, vegetable oil, mineral oil and so on. Because it has polar groups such as amino groups, carbonyl groups, and amide groups in its molecule, it has good bonding properties for wood, pottery, paper, cloth, brass, aluminum, phenolic resin, polyester resin, polyethylene and other plastics.

PA has good comprehensive properties, including mechanical properties, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and self-lubrication, and has low friction coefficient, certain flame retardancy, easy processing, suitable for glass fiber and Other fillers are filled to enhance modification, improve performance and expand the scope of application.Our company mainly has Polyamide Resin Alcohol Soluble , Polyamide Resin Co-solvent and so on.

Polyamide Resin Alcohol Soluble

The alcohol-soluble Polyamide resin, is easily dissolved in alcohol. It can be dissolved in 95% dehydrated alcohol, dissolves aids the release is extremely good .It widely used in the domain such as gravure printing ink of plastic film, the flexo printing ink of plastic film domain.

Polyamide Resin Co-solvent

Common co-soluble polyamide resin is a kind of economical and practical resin, which is developed accommodating to the market requirement. It has good stability, good solvent release,marvelous glossiness, strong adhesive power, fine gel resistance. In indoor temperature, it can turn-fost, widely be used to printing fields.


•Excellent solvent release

•Excellent gloss

•Excellent gel resistance 

•Excellent pigment wetting

•Excellent water resistance 

•Excellent blocking resistance

•Good grease & chemical resistance 

•Low odour and color


Gravure printing ink.

Flexo printing ink.

Over-printing varnish

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