The application of titanium dioxide in plastic products not only makes use of its high covering power, high achromatic power and other pigment properties, but also improves the heat resistance, light resistance and weather resistance of plastic products, protects plastic products from UV light, and improves the mechanical and electrical properties of plastic products. The particle size of most titanium dioxide used for plastics is fine, usually the particle size of titanium dioxide used for plastics is 0.15 ~ 0.3 μ m, which can obtain blue background phase, and has a shielding effect on most resins with yellow phase or prone to yellowing.

With the continuous expansion of the scope of application of plastic products, many external plastic products, such as plastic doors and windows, building materials and other outdoor plastic products, also have high requirements for weather resistance. In addition to the use of rutile titanium dioxide powder, surface treatment is also required. This surface treatment generally does not add zinc, only silicon, aluminum, zirconium and so on. Silicon has the function of hydrophilic and dehumidification, which can prevent the formation of pores due to water evaporation during high temperature extrusion, but the amount of these surface treatment agents is generally not too much.

The quality requirements of plastic products for titanium dioxide are as follows:

1) Covering power: titanium dioxide with good covering power produces lighter and thinner plastic products;

2) Whiteness: determines the appearance of light or white plastic products;

3) Dispersion: affect the production cost of plastic products, poor dispersion of titanium dioxide in plastic products will affect the smoothness and brightness of products;

4) Weather resistance: outdoor use of plastic products and plastic doors and windows must ensure the weather resistance of titanium dioxide.