Application characteristics of organic pigment in offset printing ink

1, bright color light, high coloring power, in line with Y.M.C. spectral characteristics.

2, good media (linker) properties or lipophilicity and dispersion.

3, do not separate from the connecting material and turn to the water phase, to prevent the emulsification of printing ink.

4, does not contain water soluble impurities.


Application characteristics of organic pigments in solvent inks

1, good solvent resistance (such as aromatic hydrocarbons, toluene, xylene, alcohol, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, esters, etc.).

2, and resin binder has good compatibility.

3, high coloring power and easy dispersity, no flocculation and precipitation.

4, in the storage process does not reduce gloss, color light stability, no color change.


Application characteristics of organic pigment in water-based ink

1, organic pigments should have good alkali resistance, alkaline and azo lake should not be selected, insoluble azo heterocyclic and phthalocyanine is good.

2. Good water resistance, low viscosity, no thickening, no discoloration when stored.

3, high coloring power and good dispersion performance and pro-media performance.