Foreign titanium dioxide giants have frequently issued price increase notices, which has made the industry boom again, and the titanium dioxide sector in the secondary market has continued to strengthen recently.

On March 1, the A-share titanium dioxide sector closed at 1452.36 points, an increase of 0.54%, with a total turnover of 2.74 billion yuan and a turnover rate of 1.51%. Since it dropped to a low of 1242.89 in the past six months on January 28, the titanium dioxide sector has ushered in a rebound, with an increase of 16.85%.

One of the major incentives to promote the upward trend of the titanium dioxide sector lies in the intensive price increases of the giants. On February 28, Chemours announced that starting April 1, 2022, all specifications of Ti-PureTM titanium dioxide purchased in Greater China will be increased by $200/ton as permitted by contract or law.

From February 23rd to 24th, Panergy and Tenor successively issued price increase notices. According to Uranus, starting from April 1, 2022, the company will adjust the price of all titanium dioxide products sold in the EMEA region for coatings, inks, paper and other applications, with a maximum increase of $400/ton.

Tenor adjusted the price of all TiONA and TiKONTM titanium dioxide products sold in Europe to 150 euros / ton, and adjusted to 175 dollars / ton or 155 euros / ton in the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe. Turno said it will operate its assets efficiently to meet strong market demand, and the company has also made significant investments to ensure its long-term business sustainability.

On February 15, Connors also announced a price increase. Since April 1, its entire series of titanium dioxide products have risen by up to US$200/ton.

Domestic companies have been raising prices together in December last year. Longbai Group, Asia's largest titanium dioxide enterprise, has fired the first shot of price increase in 2022. According to its announcement on December 13, 2021, from January 1, 2022, the company's sales price of various types of titanium dioxide will be adjusted on the basis of the original price. Domestic customers are raised by RMB 1,000/ton, and international customers are raised by US$150/ton. China Nuclear Titanium Dioxide and Huiyun Titanium Industry followed, announcing price increases on December 14.

The price of titanium dioxide increased significantly in February this year. Zhuochuang Information monitoring data showed that as of the end of last week, the average price of domestic titanium dioxide in February had reached 19,767 yuan / ton, a year-on-year increase of more than 10%.

In an interview with a reporter from the International Finance News, a number of domestic titanium dioxide enterprises related people said that they have not received a notice of price increase for the time being, but they cannot rule out price increases due to cost pressures.

An official from Ananda's board secretary office told the "International Finance News" reporter, "Whether or not to increase the price depends on the market. The titanium dioxide industry adjusted the price 10 times last year. Recently, the price of sulfuric acid is still rising. The price of raw materials is still pushed up, and if the company's cost pressure is too great, it may consider raising the price."