Cable communication pairs have more than a thousand pairs of wire bundles. In order to separate the function of each wire, each plastic wrapping layer needs to be colored.

The cable color busbar is used for high-density communication, so the polyethylene high-speed conveying copper-clad particles are covered with bright colors, high tinting strength, and the price can be used for reasonable colors of communication cables.

The communication equipment of Spiral Color Granules includes Pigment Yellow 13, Pigment Yellow 83, Pigment Yellow 180, Pigment Orange 13, Pigment Orange 64, Pigment Red 48:2, Pigment Blue Violet 23, Pigment Blue 15:3, Pigment Green 7.

Pigment requires special attention to the following characteristics:

1. Color standard

Coloring used for telecommunication cable insulation must meet specific quality requirements for the relevant cable application. The selected colorants are brightly colored and can be discerned in dim light.

2. Dispersion

Usually the thickness of the wire insulation layer is thin, and the quality requirements of the extruded layer are very high, and the spark breakdown point of each 20km long cable needs to be 3.

3. Heat resistance

It must withstand the high temperature of 260 in the high-speed extrusion process of the cable, and also needs to pass a series of high temperature resistance test requirements of the finished product and the test of the ambient temperature of the actual application.

4. Electrical properties

Pigments for cable coloring should meet the electrical performance requirements of cables, and products with good pigment purity, low impurity content and low electrical conductivity should be selected.

5. Migration resistance

The functions of all the wires in the cable are distinguished by the specified colors. If the pigments used have migration problems, the colors between them will be stained with each other due to migration, which will reduce the identification of the cable and leave safety. Under the hidden danger.