With spring and Jingming, Vientiane is renewed. On the occasion of the March 8 Women's Day, Qingdao Sanhuan Colorchem Co., Ltd. would like to extend holiday greetings and cordial condolences to all employees and all women. I wish you good health, smooth work, happy family and eternal youth!

2023 is the year of development and hope for Qingdao Sanhuan Colorchem Co., Ltd., and it is also a year of hard work for us. New opportunities and challenges are in front of us. Under the correct leadership of the new team, we will continue to carry forward the spirit of "self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-improvement", strive to improve our comprehensive quality, learn excellent skills, and make ourselves invincible in the wave of progress; at the same time, we hope Everyone will continue to work hard for the development of the company, give full play to the role of women as "half the sky", make great progress, and strive for a better tomorrow for the company!

Once a year, the spring breeze is warm, and old dreams are always fulfilled in the old days. The March 8 grand plan is displayed, and Kyushu is full of spring. The world is extraordinarily beautiful because of the birth of women!