The same team activities, different employee joyful experience!

Sanhuan Group is specialized in manufacturing dyes, pigments, TiO2, resins and additives. Our first dye factory was set up in 1982.Now the group has 7 factories, providing products and solutions for paint, ink, coating, plastic,rubber,textile etc.

In order to create a cohesive and centripetal team, enrich the entertainment life of employees, enhance communication and understanding among employees, mobilize employees' enthusiasm for work, enhance teamwork spirit, reflect the company's care for the majority of employees, and further promote the company's development Therefore, we participated in outdoor development activities under the organization of unit leaders and colleagues.


Team tourism activities are an integral part of corporate culture and a symbol of employee care. This team activity not only provided everyone with an opportunity to relax wholeheartedly, but also felt the joy of harmonious team life while enjoying the beauty of nature to the fullest, and enhanced mutual understanding between departments and colleagues. In order to enhance the corporate culture and create a harmonious team to create favorable conditions, I hope everyone can work happily and live happily!