On July 9, 2023, a sunny day, after the organization and arrangement of the company, all employees of the company held a live CS expansion activity. The weather was relatively hot on this day, and everyone's emotions were also very high, and the event received great attention and strong support from the company's leaders.

We divided into two teams to fight, and the captains of each team commanded the battle, and they all went all out for their team to win the game.

There are several implications of this activity:

1. There are many things that cannot be accomplished by individual strength, and must rely on collective strength to coordinate and cooperate. When a team is established, it is necessary to establish a strong organizational command system and carry out reasonable division of labor and cooperation in order to ensure the orderly work of the team. Development; this is the meaning and value of forming a team.

2. In different environments and difficult conditions, don't try to change the rules of the game or the social environment easily. The only thing you can do is to adapt to the environment in the shortest possible time. Find its breakthrough point in continuous learning, implementation, improvement, and then learning, implementation, and improvement, so as to achieve the purpose of upgrading and sublimation.

3. Resources are limited, and we must learn to make full use of them and allocate them reasonably.

4. Although there is a division of labor in the organization, everyone is responsible for the results and ultimate performance. Anyone who makes a mistake in any action may lead to the failure of the team, and the achievements of the team will be wasted and destroyed.

5. We are all cautious, step by step, and meticulous to win the game. Isn’t this rigorous, serious, and responsible attitude exactly what we need in our work?