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SHF Free of formaldenhyde, AZO dyes, heavy metals, APEOS, PAHs, 23 prohibited aromatic amines. Intense fluorescence, superfine particle size, good dispersibility Water based pens, water based inks details
SHS Formaldehyde free, fine particle size, good brightness Textile printings, water based coatings, craft and hobby paints, PVC coloring details
SHV Microspheric pigment,a kind of thermoset fluorescent resin pigment.Brilliant colors,strong fluorescence,excellent dispersibility, high temperature resistance,transference resistance. All kinds of Plastic coloring,powder coating,coating paste with high temperature resistance;leather coating, paint, ink, paper etc. details
SHQ Brilliant colors,intense fluorescence,fine powder,good dispersibility.Free from formaldehyde,heavy metals and prohibited aromatic amines. Various high temperature plastic coloring with processing temperature ≤260℃,high temperature plastic coloring. details
SHE Brilliant colors,intense fluorescence,good dispensability,free formaldehyde,no heavy metals and prohibited aromatic amines.Heat resistance is up to 240℃,not easy to stick screw during plastics processing. Various high temperature plastic coloring with processing temperature ≤ 240℃,masterbatch coloring. details
SHB Brilliant colors,tinting strength,excellent fluorescence effect,good disposability.Not easy to stick screw during plastics processing,heat resistance up to 190℃. Various plastic coloring such as PP,PE and PVC( processing temperature ≤ 190℃),low solvent resistance requirement paints. details
SHP Excellent solvent resistance,extensive applications,good migration resistance in PVC coloring. Paper printing inks,screen printing inks,pencil lacquers and other paint.Plastic coloring of PP, PE, PVC, etc. . details
SHL Liquid pigments,formaldehyde free,no heavy metals,APEO and 23 prohibited aromatic amines.Superfine particle size,intense fluorescence,good dispensability. Water-based coatings such as textile printing,garments dyeing,pad dyeing,water-based paints,paper coloring,water-based PU leather coloring. details
SHX Brilliant colors,intense fluorescence,fine particle size,good dispersibility. Fabric coatings,Water-based coatings. details
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